June 21, Pleading “Crazy” (parody of Willy Nelson’s ‘Crazy’)

I’m crazy.
Could I plead “insane” at my trials?
Plead crazy?
Would you let me off if I do?
You all know I started out with flat denials.
But the next day, admitted the charges were true.

My standard defense has been stalling.
Maybe I’ll try something new.

I’m crazy, although to admit it is galling.
I’m crazy for lying but I’ll keep on trying.
Does that define crazy for you?

It’s crazy to keep up the lies and stonewalling.
I won by bulllshitting; I can’t think of quitting.
How does pleading, “crazy” grab you?

(1) Sing to “Crazy,” by Willie Nelson. Patsy Cline’s 1961 recording is definitive.