June 19, Don’t Mess with Texas (Sing to: The Eyes of Texas Are Upon You)

They say, “You mustn’t mess with Texas,” (they’re messed up enough.)
If you’re dark-skinned and think of voting, then Texas makes it tough.
They won’t give their women access to every form of birth control.
And for an incomplete miscarriage, they’ll let death take its toll.

The State of Texas leads the nation in gross MAGAtry.
Trump is a crook, but they’re not bothered. Why not’s a mystery.
Trump has pissed all over Ted Cruz, (nobody likes him anyway.)
But Ted Cruz keeps on kissing Trump’s ass, to Cruz’s wife’s dismay.

How can we find a fix for Texas? Let more people vote.
Old, white male bigots are their leaders; so, throw them off the boat.
“White Christian Nation” bigotry must come to its final end.
(For, if you are not white or Christian, then Texas ain’t your friend.)

From Governor up to the Senate, Texas management
Cries out to every Texas voter: “Toss out your government.”
Can Colin Allred get elected in November’s Senate race?
Can Ted Cruz still fool Texas voters, to their lasting disgrace?

Attorney General, Ken Paxton may be worst of all.
Impeached, indicted (not convicted) Ken Paxton should appall.
Supervising Texas justice, which he runs with a corrupt hand,
Suppressing votes and rights of women, and books that he wants banned.

Greg Abbott, Paxton, Cornyn, Ted Cruz: all of them must go.
For if they hold on to their power, democracy can’t grow.
So, we need to mess with Texas, their government is scrofulous.
What they believe and what they stand for, should be called blasphemous.

Juneteenth, this year, reclaim your freedom; here’s the antidote.
Rise up against suppressing voters; go register to vote.
Governor to Legislature, we must leave no trace of doubt,
You citizens of Texas, rise up! And throw the bastards out!