June 21, The Way to Natural Truth

Republicans do not rely on what “experts” will say,
Especially when facts and data blow their lies away.
Opinions are our right but that right doesn’t make them wise.
All our opinions are not worthy of a Nobel Prize.

TikTok and YouTube videos, are often shared online,
For anyone can post them, though they may be asinine.
Our nitwits are all free to speak just like a scientist.
Psychologists warn us misinformation will persist.

Beware of social media, for screen time may addict.
Our children may get stuck on stuff that data contradict.
Like heroin makes us want more when it flows in our veins,
Misinformation acts the same, injected into brains.

The scientific method has, so far, proved the best way
To study Mother Nature and the laws we must obey.
Though Nature yields her secrets to a scientific probe,
Religious faith and politics both differ ‘round the globe.

Religious faith and politics, teach the psychology
Of wildly different human dogmas and their liturgy.
While scientists test their ideas with experiments,
Religious faith and politics use dated documents.

The scientific method yields experts in every field.
Such experts often show the flaws in “truth” that’s been “revealed.”
No wonder our Republicans feel such hostility
To those who show their fantasies are not reality.

So, should our government be based on one religious creed?
If so, which one and why? It’s clear that not all have agreed.
The Founding Fathers thought that freedom should be guaranteed.
A principle which Fundamentalists still won’t concede.