December 29, Red State Governance

Old XYs (with melanin deficiency)
Want to rule, although they lack proficiency.
They’re ardent supporters of Donald John Trump,
In spite of his obvious delinquency.

They’re ardent supporters of Donald John Trump,
Who’ll toss our democracy into the dump;
He says his dictatorship starts on day one,
A play our Supreme Court may not overtrump.

Red State legislatures start right on day one,
To ban all abortions and once that is done,
They turn their attention to folks’ right to vote,
Returning to Jim Crow, when just white folks won.

A smart gerrymander controls who may vote.
Minorities use it as castle and mote.
Majorities find there’s no way they can win.
Returning to Jim Crow means that’s all she wrote.

Republicans, confident they’ll always win,
Get busy committing one more grievous sin.
They make up a list of books they want to ban,
Then sweep them off bookshelves into the trash bin.

Though they haven’t read the books they want to ban,
That isn’t a reason to rethink their plan.
Some books have ideas that make people think.
(In Red States they are consigned to the trash can.)

Most people, when they have been set free to think,
Conclude that such book-banning practices stink.
And further conclude that Trump’s BS does too.
The folks who think that way are hard to hoodwink.

Trump’s full of BS and his MAGAts are too.
So, everyone else, here’s what you must do:
If you think that Trump’s a dictator-to-be,
Then register, vote, and flush Trump down the loo.