July 28, More Charges

Trump’s tit is in a wringer and his gonads in a vise.
No way to sugar coat it, that’s the going price for vice.
The Donald’s a bullshitter and dishonest to his root
He’s been at it for decades since young Donald chose this route.
But now the Trump mendacity seems criminal to boot.
And Jack Smith seems to think it’s time to give the Man the boot.

Jack Smith has re-indicted Trump for stealing from the state.
And soon will come the 1-6 crimes, too numerous to state.
Well, really not too numerous, but listing every count
Of Trump’s indictments is more than a first grade kid can count.
Jack Smith is being careful so that every charge will stick.
Though Jack speaks softly he has shown he carries a big stick.

Now Donald Trump is finding out his ass is in a sling.
Which can’t be extricated by the bullshit he will sling.
Jack Smith will take Trump’s capers and will carve and slice and dice,
Especially on the 1-6 job where Donald rolled the dice
And riled up his MAGAt mob to storm the Capitol.
The riot led to five deaths, making this crime capital.

From all the stuff he’s saying, Trump is lacking common sense.
We know that all of Trump’s denials are not worth two cents.
Though Trump says he’s done nothing wrong, all that we’ve seen and heard
Seems damning to most everyone except the Trumpist herd.
The trials and elections that we’ll have in ‘twenty four,
Will show us all what Trump’s defenders truly all stand for.