Post Date: 3/6/99

Class notes take on new meaning

By Diane Bell

Once there was nothing, no places, no time; no gravity and no primal slime. Then suddenly, light a lightening storm at night, bang went creation and then there was light.

So goes a line from UCSD pathology professor Stephen Baird's new CD of musical commentary called "Hallelujah! Evolution!" He calls his genre "scientific gospel" and sings tunes borrowed from church hymns and Christmas carols. Colleagues may think of Baird mainly in terms of his research on replication of the human immune system in mice. But he has long entertained his students with melodic lectures on such arcane subjects as cytokynes, interleukins, cellular immunology and chromosomes. Baird, who is also chief of pathology for the VA Medical Center, met his CD maker, Nick Binkley of Solana Beach, at an unlikely venue - a dinner at the home of Nobel laureate Francis Crick. Baird's songs, fine-tuned by student, will never make the Top 40, but they are intriguing: There's a Big Black Hole in Heaven," "Evolution is the Way," "Prayer or Pencillin," and "It's Just Gas."
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