Post Date: 05/6/2003

Water On Mars CD To Be Released In June

Solana Beach, CA – May 6, 2003: As an ever-evolving musical genre, Scientific Gospel has reached new heights with Dr. Baird’s third CD, “Water On Mars.” Dr. Baird and The Opossums of Truth, Daniel Baird and Ron Jackson, have added Given Harrison to the group as their bass accompaniment and back-up vocalist. Another innovation was the creation of sub-sets of our unique musical genre – Mongolian Bluegrass, Texana Waltz, and Jug Band Gospel! The album also boasts the introduction of Lester Broersma playing all parts of the jug band, exhibiting the sounds of galloping Mongol horses, celestial mysteries and borborygmy. So you can see that this new CD has expanded the subject matter of the traditional liturgy!

“Water On Mars” still contains the usual cosmic themes: concepts of intelligent design in the universe, evolution, other sciences including medicine, and the nature of irrational beliefs. Also included on this recording, is a ballad in celebration of the human spirit of exploration. No Scientific Gospel album is complete without the inclusion of a paean to Charles Darwin. “The Single Best Idea Anybody Ever Had” will be this CD’s tribute. The title track, “Water On Mars’ will delight even the most ardent fans of SG with its combination of clever lyrics, unusual musical arrangement and choral harmonies.

Stephen Baird views his mission in life as a quest to make the battle against ignorance more joyous. Please join Dr. Stephen Baird and The Opossums of Truth at their CD release concert on Saturday, June 28, 2003 at 8 p.m. at the Carlsbad Village Theater, 2822 State St., in downtown Carlsbad, 5 stop lights west of I-5 off Carlsbad Village Dr.

Tickets go on sale May 10th, 2003. Prices are $15 adults, and $10 children and students with I.D. To purchase tickets, call for reservations at (858) 481-0765 and leave a message with number in party and a phone number (if charging tickets, leave credit card type, number, complete billing address, exact name on card, plus number and type of tickets). If purchasing online, please go to website:

See you at the concert. Until then, remember: EVOLUTION REALLY CAN TURN A FISH INTO A MAN.
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